MAGICSHINE The Complete Range

Day Light Savings may be over but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of your day!

Magicshine offer a complete range of quality, afforable lights from 20lmns to 8000lmns.

With Magicshine, no track is off limits no matter what time of day!

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***New from Magicshine***


The Allty 2000

Magicshine's latest acheivement! (Coming Soon!)

2000 Lumen front bike light with dual hi-power CREE LED's and COB array. Add in an easy to read LCD display and Li-Poly rechargeable batteries and you have the perfect light for bike night time bike adventures.

With a pair of CREEs CREE XP-L LED + COB LEDs the Allty 2000 lights up the road ahead with ease. Crafted in an aluminium housing for maximum toughness and easy heat dissipation. The Allty's ace in the hole is its bright COB, chip-on-board daytime running light. Factor in electronic control for under-voltage and over temperature protection and you have all the ingredients needed of a class leading light.

Battery: 7000mAh

Runtime: 1.5hrs max, 18hrs daytime running

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Did you you know?

All Magicshine lights come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on the head units and a 6 month warranty on rechargeable batteries  *subject to following the battery usage, handling and storage conditions in the user manual.

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