Apply Now: Pinkbike Academy Season 2 More Racing. More Action. More Glory.

Pinkbike Academy is back for 2021 and we're taking it to the next level with more racing, riding challenges, two Secret Pros, and support from Monster Energy for the grand prize winner. The winner of Season 2 of Pinkbike Academy presented by Monster Hydro will launch their riding career as an official Monster Energy ambassador, with a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $25,000 prize purse.

It's not easy to break into the pro ranks based on skill and potential alone, especially these days, but Pinkbike Academy aims to change that. Last year, Season 1 helped ten incredibly talented riders get some well-deserved attention from fans and sponsors. 

Pinkbike Academy

Once again we are choosing five men and five women from around the world to battle it out against each other in a series of riding-related challenges at Big White. This year we'll be doubling down on the racing, with our two Secret Pros setting benchmark times so we can see how the contestants stack up against two of the world's best enduro racers. This 10-part series will see riders fighting it out each week with only the best riders progressing through each round for a chance to claim this career-changing prize. We're excited to produce the second season of Pinkbike Academy and introduce the world to a whole new wave of riders.

Want in?
The show will be judged by well-known industry insiders and pros, and the riders we select for the Academy will need a whole lot of speed and fitness to compete with the times that our Secret Pros set. Do you have the skills, personality, and perseverance to make it through? This could be your opportunity to turn your passion into a career. This isn't just free product and small travel budget, but a proper chance at a professional contract and the incredible support that comes with it.


Apply Now Applications must be received by Tuesday, May 11th

We are seeking to cast five men and five women aged 19-39 from around the world who are able to travel to British Columbia at the end of July (exact dates to be confirmed, we are monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic closely and will be following regional health guidelines). If you're selected for the 2021 Pinkbike Academy, we will handle your travel and accommodation costs.

Pinkbike Academy

Please note: It will be a level playing field and all participants will be riding the bikes and kit provided by the sponsors who have made this project possible.

Step 1: Film a 1 minute video explaining why we should choose you. Keep it simple but remember that the videos that show your personality and commitment to riding will help you stand out as a unique candidate for the show.

Step 2: Complete the entry form here. 

We can't wait to hear from you and to get this project rolling.


Pinkbike Academy

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