CST BFT 27.5 X 2.25 WIREBEAD $29.95 AUD RRP


 CST BFT (Big Fat Tire) offers up an affordable option in the traction department  with RRP AUD $29.95

With a meaty center and side knobs combined with a 60 tpi casing the BFT creates a well priced aggressive all-mountain / freeride tyre ready to tackle anything.

The BFT offers predictable cornering and excellent braking traction, just what you need when the trail gets dicey.


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First time out on the BFTs – high desert winter slickrock. Mix of mud, muck, ice, stone and dirt – the BFTs held their own in this wintery mix. Aired down a bit (35psi for me), the tires gave superb traction on New Mexico sandstone.

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Lots of off camber pokey rocks in the deserts around ABQ (favorite winter getaway for riding). Short, steep climbs and slow, controlled techy descents were no problem. The compound on the CST is not too stiff, not too soft allowing to get grabby in a variety of situations.

Running from the mud, Sand Canyon

Stair-stepped sandstone and redrock/dirt didn’t fool the BFTs. Tagged quite a few rocks along the way, but no rips or punctures
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Brakeless through the rough – CSTs held the line with confidence..
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Pushed to the limits of AM to light DH riding, the 2.25 diamter of the BFTs provided enough traction and just a little bit of shock absorption.
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In a true all-mountain setting, the BFTs did not disappoint. Rocks, bumps, stumps and high-desert dirt, the BFT offered up traction one can trust. This turn is a keen example.

The CST BFTs really held their own in my mixed up all-mountain all terrain world. Rocks, hardpack, and moon dust they did their job well, and were quite durable. They still reside aboard my Airborne Marauder, and unless there’s some drastic changes in tire pricing, they’ll be the replacements when the time comes.
Well that covers about half of what I bought the tyres for, but how do they compare when trail goes only downwards, fast and furious like?
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Early seasons Durango loose sand posed no issues on the DH rig with the BFTs. They cut in nicely and held their bite. A bit on the skinny side for a DH tire, they held surprisingly well.
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In dry hardpack, the BFT does its job as well as anything. Fully committed in this berm shot, tires were the last thing on my mind.
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